Kenton is a vibrant and distinct neighborhood located in the northern district of Portland, Oregon.  Greeting its visitors with a 31-foot statue of Paul Bunyan, the Kenton neighborhood is built on a unique history and community culture that has practiced creative expansion and a pioneering spirit since its inception.

Kenton was first known as a farming community and later transformed into a major business center when it became the company town for the Swift Meat Packing Company in 1911.  According to PDX History, the neighborhood began to gain popularity with businesses due to its location and streetcar transportation.  Soon twelve major manufacturing businesses set up shop inside Kenton. The City of Portland eventually annexed Kenton into its fold where it became a hub for cattle trade on the West Coast.

Today, Kenton continues to uphold its history of creating finely crafted and personable food, art, nightlife and services from a range of talented small businesses and community members.  The neighborhood is host to the popular Kenton Farmer’s Market highlighting the local and sustainable practices the Pacific Northwest is known for.  The lively Kenton Street Fair and the springtime swift roosting are two of Kenton’s annual events that draw big crowds from around the city.  Kenton has remained a highly accessible and walkable neighborhood with the Kenton/N Denver Ave light rail station in the heart of the business district.  Whether you’re a visitor or a longtime resident of Kenton, we look forward to sharing our dynamic and inspiring neighborhood with you.


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