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The Kenton Business Association exists to help the community and the businesses of the Kenton neighborhood grow and thrive.

As members of the Kenton Business Association we work, shop, and gather together to celebrate in Kenton.  We love this neighborhood and its rich past as a center of commerce, innovation, and workmanship.  Our goal as an organization is to honor our collective roots and support the positive growth of the people and businesses of Kenton.  With a conscious commitment to small business, ethical development and our ecological footprint, we work to support the expanding community of shops, restaurants, and services that form the foundation of the Kenton neighborhood.

The Kenton Business Association is open to all businesses in the Kenton district.  Our monthly meetings are a great opportunity to meet, network, and support the other businesses that call Kenton home.  We are a self-supporting, volunteer organization practicing election-based leadership on a membership generated economy.  For a list of membership benefits and organizational information, visit our membership page.



The Kenton Business Association, like all business associations, does not receive any assistance from public agencies.  Unlike neighborhood associations who are allocated a small amount of funds annually from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI), business associations are required to be completely self-sustaining, relying on membership fees and grants to complete the various projects that we feel are important to the business district and the larger community.  Over the last four years, the Kenton Business Association has been revitalized, with many new businesses moving to the area, and new business owners excited to contribute to the neighborhood’s growth and development.  A few of our accomplishments include:

  •  Securing over $30,000 in neighborhood grant funds
  •  Installing the metal banners that line the N. Denver Avenue business district
  •  Launching multiple group media holiday campaigns
  •  Creating Third Thursday Art Walk
  •  Creating an economic development fund to renovate the interiors of businesses (The Portland Development Commission offers grants for exterior improvements only.)
  •  Creating  the Annual Harvest Festival/Halloween Party
  •  Sponsored a public relations breakfast and neighborhood tour for local media outlets
  •  Creating the Annual Kenton Street Fair (our biggest event!)

All of these projects were developed and completed by business owners volunteering time from their time and resources to help create a special place for the larger Kenton community.  If you appreciate the work they are doing and  would like to help continue their positive work in the Kenton community, we invite you to donate to our organization.  Donations are not tax-deductible.


Annual KBA Events:

  • Kenton Street Fair (3rd Sunday of every May)
  • Street Fair Fundraiser (April prior to fair)
  • Harvest Festival (Halloween weekend)

Grants Won by KBA:

  • Venture Portland grant for street fair 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Venture Portland PR breakfast and neighborhood walking tour 2010
  • Venture Portland economic development grant 2012
  • North Portland Neighborhood Services grant for metal banners 2011
  • North Portland Neighborhood Services grant for street fair 2010
  • North Portland Neighborhood Services grant for street fair kids activities 2013
  • North Portland Neighborhood Services grant for KBA economic development project revitalizing Triple Crown Market 2013

Future Goals:

  • Organizing a Christmas/Winter Festival
  • Increased storefront businesses
  • Becoming a self-sustaining organization

Expansion Ideas:

  • Participate in the Lombard Re-Imagined Project
  • Join forces with the Kenton Neighborhood Association
  • Work towards our common goals of a vibrant, livable, connected North Portland community


Kenton Business Association Meeting Minutes

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